Acting Chief Procurement Officer:
Sapi Ma'o-Ena


The Office of Procurement serves as the central authority on procurement for the American Samoa Government (ASG) and is responsible for the procurement of all construction, goods, and services including the management, control, warehousing, and sale of stores/inventory commodities contained in its warehouse.

The Office of Procurement is divided into five (5) primary divisions: Contracts, Purchasing, Shipping & Receiving, Stores/Inventory, and Warehouse.

CONTRACTS---This division is responsible for the procurement of construction services and service contracts for ASG through competitive bid processes; Invitation for Bids (IFB), Request for Qualifications (RFQ), or negotiated contracts Request for Proposals (RFP). This division is also responsible for contract payment management to vendors as well as Lease Payables where ASG leases property from the private sector for various departments.

PURCHASING---This division is primarily responsible for the purchase of all goods for the American Samoa Government through the administering of competitive bid/solicitation processes. Goods are purchased from local vendors, on the open market (off-island vendors), or through federal government sources, GSA (General Services Administration).

Purchase requisitions from departments are processed and screened, ultimately resulting in the issuance of a purchase order to intended vendors.

SHIPPING & RECEIVING---This division is responsible for the receiving of goods purchased from the private sector or open market. The completion of shipping & receiving reports processed by this division initiates payment to vendors on goods delivered.
This division is also responsible for the receipt of mail and air and ocean freight of goods that are purchased by ASG.

STORES/INVENTORY---This division is primarily responsible for the management and control of supply items that are housed in its warehouse facility.

ASG departments draw down needed supplies for their operations from this division. The division also serves a 'cashiering' function where the general public may purchase items that may not be available in the private sector.

WAREHOUSE---This division is primarily responsible for logistics centering on the storage and warehousing of goods purchased for the Stores/Inventory division. Goods contained in the warehouse range from paper products, office furniture, electrical and plumbing products, to agricultural tools.

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